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Philadelphia Drug Bust Results in Six Arrests, Seizure of Weapons and Drugs

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Philadelphia police successfully executed a major drug bust last week resulting in six arrests. Investigators had been paying attention to two homes in North Philadelphia just a few blocks from Temple University School of Medicine and Temple University Hospital. The area is well known for violence and drug trafficking despite its proximity to the school and hospital. The captain of the police department’s major crimes unit said that five men and one woman were arrested, and officers confiscated ten guns including an AK-47. Police also found and seized more than $5,000 worth of pills, marijuana and crack and the captain hopes that this drug bust will lead them to others in the area, particularly if the arrested individuals cooperate with the investigation.

This kind of scene is unfortunately not uncommon in many inner-city neighborhoods where income levels are lower and individuals turn to drug dealing to make more money. Considering the number of weapons involved in this bust it is frightening to think about the serious damage that could have occurred if these individuals were not arrested. Anyone who is involved with drugs or drug dealing runs the risk of becoming involved with violence as well, this could mean serious personal injury or even death. Anyone who handles these weapons and engages in illegal activity should consider the potential destruction involved as they could hurt not only themselves, but family and friends or other innocent bystanders.

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