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Drug and Alcohol Addiction FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

“Do I need drug or alcohol rehabilitation?”

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a devastating disease. If alcohol or drugs have had a negative impact on your daily activities or life in general, then addiction treatment or drug and alcohol rehab may be helpful. Contact Retreat’s 24/7 admissions department for a free assessment.

“Why should I choose a rehabilitation center?”

“Retreat at Lancaster County offers both detox and rehab for those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Retreat’s medically monitored detox will assist with alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms in a safe and effective environment.

Rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol is not just a matter of “quitting.” Those addicted to drugs and alcohol need to learn the “tools” to get and stay sober. Retreat’s licensed and credentialed staff will help identify each individual’s issues and create a custom treatment plan based on the most advanced medical and clinical methods.”

“Who provides the care and treatment at a rehabilitation center?”

“Credentialed and licensed substance abuse therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health therapists and 24/7 nursing staff under the guidance of our full-time ABAM Certified Medical Director use a unique multi-disciplinary model of addiction treatment to engage patients and motivate them to fully participate in their own recovery.”

“What kinds of drug and alcohol rehab therapy are offered at Retreat at Lancaster County?”

“Retreat at Lancaster County offers all levels of alcoholism and drug addiction treatment: Medically monitored detox, Inpatient Rehab, Partial hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient.

In addition to the more standardized programming (coping skills, relationships, relapse prevention, 12-step, etc.), Retreat’s services include treatment for co-occurring disorders, pain management, grief & loss and trauma. Retreat also offers specific tracts for First Responders, Medical Professionals and impaired Professionals.”

“What is a typical day at Retreat at Lancaster County?”

Structured daily schedules include: specialized, twice daily small group sessions, individual therapy with the Primary Therapist, daily tract group therapy, intense workshops several times a day addressing specific issues and/or individual needs, 12-step meetings each evening and a “Heart-to-Heart” session nightly.

How long can a patient stay at Retreat at Lancaster County?

Each patient is assigned to a specific and individualized treatment program
incorporating the most advanced and proven treatment methods. A typical stay
at Retreat at Lancaster County is 30 days, but treatment is tailored specifically to
each patients needs.

Is Retreat at Lancaster County an accredited rehabilitation hospital?

Retreat is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation
Facilities (CARF).

Does Retreat at Lancaster County accept my insurance?

Retreat at Lancaster County accepts most commercial insurance plans. Please
call our admissions department today for more information.

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